Investigador: Susana Herrero

1. Artículo: Are Science Students Missing In South America? Productivity and the Labor Martket Say Yes Revista: Revista de Economía Mundial Link: 2. Artículo: The Socio-Economic Background Co autor: Vicente Albornoz Guarderas y Silke Bustamante. Revista: Corporate Social Responsibility and Employer Attractiveness: An International Perspective Link: 3. Artículo: Los Límites al Acceso a la Educación…

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1. Artículo: The Global Implications of the War in Ukraine on Military and Other Spending Co autor: Sanjeev Gupta Blog: Center for Global Development Link: 2. Artículo: Fiscal Policy for Inclusive Growth in Asia Co autor: Sanjeev Gupta y João Tovar Jalles Blog: Center for Global Development Link: