Class Rules and Procedures

UDLA reserves its right to evaluate students with a different instrument if academic dishonesty is suspected.

Plagiarism on any assignment or quiz will receive “1.1”. If a student copies or cheats on an exam, the grade will be “1.1”.

If a student does not present homework or does not do an activity, his/her grade will be “1”.

Attendance is the only grade that could be either 0 or 10. There are no more options in between. Attendance applies to Zoom synchronous sessions.

Classes will:

  • Start with clear objectives.
  • Provide students with accurate instructions for activities.
  • Require only English for interactions in Instructor-Student exchange, Student-Instructor exchange, and Student-Student exchange.
  • Include rubrics for evaluation.

The instructor will:

  • Assign relevant homework which will be corrected thoroughly.
  • Monitor achievement periodically (after every unit).
  • Help students to enrich basic skills integration (listening, speaking, reading, use of English, and writing in most activities); according to the objective of each lesson.
  • Register attendance in every Zoom session.
  • Communicate relevant information to students (assignments, tests, etc.) via e-mail.

The student will:

  • Be ready for each class. This means every assignment or activity required by the instructor must be completed before class.
  • Be an active member participating in the activities proposed by the instructor.
  • Behave as a proactive adult ready to undertake learning as a personal responsibility within the class, as well as outside the classroom.

Make-up Exam (Examen de Recuperación)

At the end of each semester, there will be a Make-up Exam for students who have attended a minimum of 80% of synchronous sessions and have and they have not been sanctioned for academic dishonesty. This exam is intended to improve or replace the grade of a previous Progreso exam (this is the only grade that could be replaced). The Make-up Exam will include and integrate all the contents, skills and knowledge that should be acquired during the entire academic period. This requires a rigorous preparation and it replaces the previous grade.

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